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Match colors in your wardrobe like a pro
Discover your palette and colors that suit you the best Create stylish and appealing looks for any occasion
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Would you liketo artfully combine colors in your outfits but don't know where to start?
Are you considering changing your hair color or just playing with the idea?
Do you crave freshness and variety in your wardrobe?
Are you hesitant to try on morevibrant clothes because you're not sure if they'll suit you?
Get concise and actionable advice, expertly curated for you
Are you getting tired of «safe» and familiar blue, grey and black?
If you agree with at least one of these points, this is the right page for you:
If you wish color to become your best friend when it comes to styling, remember that:
ALL colors suit you! It's all about finding that particular shade that enhances your look
Being called a certain «season» won’t make you more stylish
Your natural color palette is not affected by race, nationality, age, complexion, or hair color
Whether you're a business lady or a free-spirited artist, color will help you create the desired image
Get a color guide with personalized recommendations and color palette, and make color your best ally for a stunning look!
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Of course, you can leave things just the way they are. However:
You'dmiss out on the most powerful tools of self-expression with your style
Choosing the right hair color would become hit or miss
You would never experience «The Facetune effect» in real life without layers of makeup
Your wardrobe might have items that don't matchand fail to bring you joy
But what if everything could bedone easy, clear, and simple?
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Hi! My name is Liriya Holdinaand
I’ll be your personal guide in this exciting journey
Professional stylist and image-maker
Over 18 years’ experience in the fashion industry and image consulting
More than 25,000 students from all over the world, from Europe to the USA
Certified educator. Learning with me is easy and enjoyable. I know how to unlock your potential with rapid skill acquisition that lasts a lifetime
Graduate of Marangoni Institute of Fashion and Design in Milan
Former buyer and stylist at a premium-class boutique
Author of the unique methodology “Diamond Cut of Image” ©
My motto at work is: teaching my clients, not just dressing them up!
You will gain knowledge that will stay with you forever and never get out of style
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In just 10 lessons of the intensive course, you will:
The directional method of color typing ensures the most precise results!
  • Your uniquenatural color palette
  • Personal recommendations present edina stylish color book
  • Your ideal hair coloring palette
  • Colors that will trulyen hance your beauty
  • Modern color tools to create stylish and elegant outfits
  • Artfully combine colors in your outfits
  • Instantly spot clothes that suit you the best during shopping
  • Determine the optimal color model for your wardrobe
  • Create refreshing and unique looks
  • Highlight your unique beauty with color
  • Use your personal functional palette to the max
A professional image stylist will conduct diagnostics of your natural color palette
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The program in numbers:
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The program in numbers:
By following exact instructions, you're guaranteed to get the best results.
  • 10 days program duration. A new video every day
  • 10 video lessons that explain the art of color from A to Z
  • Over 20 pages of personal recommendations compiled into a stylish color book
  • 6 practical and beautiful checklists
  • 7 independent work assignments that help you graspcourse material better
  • 180 days – access to course materials
  • Unlimited access to video lessons during learning. Watch as needed and progress at a comfortable pace
Program details:
You'll be guided by a living, breathing professional stylist, not AI.
1. Understand what style issues color solves and why it’s important to add color to your wardrobe
2. Analyze color conflicts in 90% of women's wardrobes for a style upgrade
3. Dive into the characteristics and nature of color for better understanding
4. Familiarize yourself with directional appearance analysis. You'll be asked to prepare a few photo materials following precise instructions to determine your personal color type
5. Learn about contrast and how to use it to create well-balanced outfits
6. Master the art of choosing the best hair color that suits you the best
7. Discover techniques and principles of combining colorsto create the most breathtaking outfits
8. Get to know four wardrobe color models to choose the optimal one for yourself and save time on styling on a daily basis
10. Learn how to use the functional palette that you'll receive with your personal color book
9. Receive a personal color book with recommendations according to your features and stylish materials to easily implement all those new skills in practice
Please review the public offer before making a payment
Edusthetics – education and aesthetics – our method elevates taste through education, immersion in aesthetics, and analyzing your information
Online school with an educational license, not an amateur course
We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.
You can rest assured because here’s how we work:
Over 8 years on the online education market
Copyrighted materials, not parroting information from open sources
Modern and refined methodology
Verified expert qualification
If you apply the skills you learn, at least a 30% result is inevitable
If within 5 days from the start of the program you decide to quit, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.
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Online intensive course
Match colors in your wardrobe like a pro
Discover your palette and colors that suit you the best Create stylish and appealing looks for any occasion
You can get access to the program immediately after the purchase
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